Sound is noise pollution and it can have adverse affects on the human body such as sleeping disorders, stress, memory loss and learning difficulties.

For schools, proper acoustic performance creates a quiet atmosphere (even if children are running in the corridors) to help children learn. In offices, it reduces stress and aggressiveness. And for hospitals and elderly homes, more peaceful environments help people recover – even if the medical staff is active and noisy. The best way to reduce sound is at the source. That’s why acoustic floors are key when it comes to reducing noise in buildings.

The best in class product

Sarlon 15 dB is a compact acoustic printed vinyl floor covering manufactured in two-metre-wide sheets with abrasion-class T. Designed and manufactured using 100% green electricity. The product offers excellent indentation resistance of 0,07mm. Reinforced polyurethane and pure PVC wear layer with mineral embossing makes Sarlon 15 dB outstandingly scratch, stain and slip resistant (R10). Its dense foam backing provides comfort under-foot and provides good sound insulation of 15 dB.

Sarlon 15 dB collection is available in 2 ranges, Sarlon 15 dB Canyon & Canyon Compact which is inspired by natural colors and Sarlon 15 dB Pepper, a spicy range of earth-toned designs.

Available Colors