Ideco Outdoor Bamboo blinds are a great treatment for a patio, veranda or large balcony. They add elegance and style to an outdoor area as well as privacy. Bamboo is an ideal material to use for outdoor blinds not only because it is a renewable resource but also it is water proof.


  • Enjoy your outdoor space even in the heat of a summer’s afternoon – Ideco Outdoor Bamboo blinds will help you control the amount of light in your space and filter out the harmful UV light from the sun.
  • Gain privacy outside – Ideco Outdoor Bamboo blinds are made of matchstick bamboo. It allows people to look out but not for people to look in.
  • Respect the environment – They are not only made from a sustainable raw material, they are eco-friendly. They will make a positive impression of saving nature in your home.
  • Use a strong and durable material – Ideco buys its bamboo from very well-known asian companies. We select our bamboo for their durability, resistance to water and extreme heat. Because of that, your Ideco Outdoor Bamboo blinds will last for years without warping or fading.
  • A cost-effective choice –  Ideco Outdoor Bamboo blinds are excellent value. Their durability makes them reliable as they fulfill the functions of the traditional blind with little to no maintenance.

Available Colors