If you need a fresh way to dress up your window, bamboo blinds may just be what you are looking for. Our Ideco Bamboo blinds range for indoor can update and enhance your windows with minimal impact on your budget and on the environment.


  • Ideco Indoor Bamboo blinds are available in a wide choice of designs, texture and colors which make them an appropriate accent for almost any design style.
  • They are not only made from a sustainable raw material, they are eco-friendly.They will make a positive impression of saving nature in your home
  • Ideco buys its bamboo blinds from very well-known asian companies. We select our bamboo for their durability, resistance to water and extreme heat. Because of that, your Ideco Indoor Bamboo blinds will last for years without warping or fading.
  •  In addition to being a great decorative element for the house, they are also more cost-effective compared to typical window shades. Their durability makes them reliable as they fulfill the functions of the traditional blind with little to no maintenance.

Available Colors