3D Wall Panels

“Discover the New Look for Your Walls. With our DECORADO wall panels, you can effortlessly transform your interior and infuse it with a distinctive flair.
The assembly process is straightforward and will only take a moment, leaving you with lasting results. Simply cut the panels to the desired length and adhere them to the wall.
The Decorado Panels are crafted from 92% recycled polystyrene, making our product highly eco-friendly.
Additionally, the modern panel material is waterproof, allowing for successful use in bathrooms, spa zones, or other moisture-prone areas.”


  • Composition : 100% Polystyrene (95% Recycle material)
  • Waterproof : 100%
  • Fire Resistance : EN 13501-1-2019-02
  • Heavy Metal: Not detected
  • Formaldehyde : Not detected





MONET’s Petite Elegance: The MONET collection is defined by its modest strip and joint dimensions. The slender profile of these strips ensures that walls adorned with MONET series panels maintain an unobtrusive presence.
The overall aesthetic is visually refined, making it a favored choice, particularly in more compact spaces. This collection offers a selection of three different colors.
Hence, it’s effortless to harmonize the panels from this series with interior designs that incorporate both warm and cool color schemes.
The DA VINCI assortment is frequently preferred by our clients because of the remarkable thickness of its slats (2.1cm).
The DA VINCI line represents a minimalist design, making interior arrangement significantly more straightforward.
These strips complement a wide range of interior setups. You can choose from three different wood tones for the panels.
DELACROIX wall panels captivate with their captivating design and texture. The concave shape, complemented by metallic accents in the crevices, transforms these panels into genuine works of art suitable for any interior.
With their waterproof characteristics, DELACROIX panels can be applied in various areas within the home, even in the bathroom. The lightweight construction of these panels ensures a swift and straightforward installation process.
It stands as an elegant choice for individuals seeking a modern and functional wall covering solution.


This calculator is designed to assist you in estimating the number of panels required to effectively cover your surface.