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Innovation, paired with the top aesthetics help this awning fit elegantly into any architectural context. Revolutionary and technological, T-Way can reach up to 590 centimetres in width and 340 in depth, it can be installed on the ceiling and wall. Aluminium extendable arms can be controlled with remote control, while all the electrical components that allow the functionalities are integrated and concealed in the awning itself, creating an even more essential design. Small details, along with contemporary evolution of the arm awning, give this product a modern, refined ,and minimalist appearance. The movement is automatically activated in case of sun or wind and the awning is perfect for use during the day as in the evening: it can be equipped with LED strips on the front profile as well as on the main body, ensuring balanced and sophisticated lighting. Moreover, thanks to the wide range of fabrics of the new Fabrics Collection, it is perfect and elegant in any architectural context.


Refined retractable aluminium arm awning

  • Electrical components concealed in the profiles
  • Wall and ceiling installation
  • Awning roll-up tube, Ø 102 cm, high strength
  • Water outflow at the sides of the front profile
  • Remote-controlled motor operation or with manual handling.
  • Wide choice of block out and filtering fabrics
  • Maximum dimensions: width 590 cm x depth 340 cm

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