T-Code Awning

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Designed to be installed both on the wall and ceiling, T–Code is a versatile solution that adapts to complete buildings and architectures while enhancing lines and volumes. Every detail has been developed by Pratic with a style that combines minimalism, rigour and technology, to embellish the outdoor space with charm and functionality. Its dimensions can reach 505 cm in width and 350 cm in depth, while the awning box may rotate and therefore range in inclination between 10 and 60 degrees.
Like T-Hide, T-Code is proposed in iron grey and in the refined grey sand 9006, white 9016 and ivory 1013 finishes. In addition, the dedicated collection of acrylic fabrics to meet every aesthetic and protection requirement, including the Soltis and Screen filtering fabrics, plus the waterproof and polyester fabrics, are available.

Technical Features

Retractable awnings with aluminium protective box.

  • Motorized operation only
  • Water drainage from the sides of the awning front profile
  • Wall installation and ceiling installation
  • Maximum awning size: L 595 x H 350 cm

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