Phoenix – Aluminium Pergola

Ideal for shading open spaces. With its strong lines and elegant aesthetic impact, Phoenix is ​​a self-supporting aluminium structure with stainless steel components that offers protection from the sun thanks to its Tecnic PVC shading cover that is waterproof, highly stable and powered by a motor. Alternatively, the cover is also available with non-shading or micro-perforated filtering canvas. Phoenix has all the comforts available to fully immerse in an outdoor environment yet with the indoor feeling of a room thanks to the depth of the structure that can reach 700 centimetres.

Technical Features

Self-supporting aluminium pergola,with Tecnic cover

  • Retractable cover with waterproof, blockout Blockout fabric, operated by remote control
  • “Taut V” cover allows for water drainage without any slope in the structure
  • Motor operation only
  • Post: 15 x 10 cm
  • Maximum structure size: L 695 x D 1000 cm

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