Entrance Mats – SCRATCH 2

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Indoor floor coverings cannot cope with dirt, dust and moisture being brought into a building on the soles of shoes. A new Clean Off mat helps prevent this as the Clean Off brushes the dirt off and absorbs the moisture before they are distributed throughout the entire building.

Our Scratch 2 is supplied as rolls of approx. 200cm wide or tiles (cut to size). It brushes off coarse dirt and absorbs moisture. With its optimum material composition and unique design, it is ideal for all application areas where something special is required.

Construction Tufting-Velours 1/8''
Pile above substrate 100% polyamide ECONYL
Substrate material Polyester fleece
Backing material Heavy coating
Pile weight / fibre weight 750
Total weight (g/m²) 3.550
Overall height (mm) 8
Tuft density/m² 116.000
Combustion/fire behaviour Bfl-s1
Comfort value High
Slip resistance DS (EN 13893)
Certificates CE conformity EN 14041 (rolls only)
Supplied as rolls 200 cm wide (incl. border)
Product characteristics Soiling and moisture absorption
Cleaning Dirt removal with powerful brush vacuum cleaner. The spray extraction process is recommended for periodic basic cleaning. Cleaning with plenty of water is absolutely no problem, water temperature should not be above 40°C. Do not use chlorinated hydrocarbon (Tetra).



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