Area Rugs & Mats

  • Ballad


    Ballad, Made in Belgium

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  • Entrance Mats

    Entrance Mats

    Exceptional Entrance Mats

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  • Other Rugs

    Other Rugs

      Custom made to your size. Available Colours:

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  • Outdoor/Indoor Rugs – Nature

    Outdoor/Indoor Rugs – Nature

    Nature is a synthetic fibre made to look like…

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  • Ready Made Rugs

    Ready Made Rugs

    Imported from Belgium

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  • Red Carpet Runner

    Red Carpet Runner

    Tango The SDX “soft ” technology combined with exceptional…

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  • Sisal rugs

    Sisal rugs

    Sisal rugs have a unique minimalist appearance and is…

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  • Softness


    Softness Made in Belgium

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