Pergola Undercovers

The ideal fabric corresponds to every covering need. The undercover is an indispensable piece of furniture to make the atmosphere under the pergola even more welcoming, hiding the overlying PVC cover that protects the environment from rain and sun, leaving the Led Lines installed along the pergola’s cross sections visible.

The undercover, which can also be purchased at a later date for all pergola models with retractable fabric, is carefully finished with an artisanal method that enhances its aesthetics. The fabrics in stain-resistant and air-permeable material are available in three neutral colors and designed to adapt to any context.


  • Aesthetic covering function of the PVC sheet
  • No size limit
  • Solution-dyed 100% “outdoor” acrylic fiber fabric, available in 3 colours
  • Solid to light, permeable to air, stain resistant