Pergola @ Suffren

Pergola done at the Suffren in Ocotober 2019
Dear Valued Client,

If you’re running a hospitality business, you know all too well how your bottom line can be affected when those rainy winter days stack up. There is, however, a cost-effective solution to these bad days. Pergola is an easy to install and durable way of keeping your patrons safe from the elements.

The pergola is equipped with a PVC canvas for extra protection from the sun, wind and rain  They can even be fitted with LED lighting.

If you’re still on the fence on whether to purchase a pergola, here are a few reasons to take the plunge:

Gallery image of this property
Our pergolas at le Suffren
1. They keep your tables full regardless of the weather

Rain or shine, a pergola protects your customers from the troubles of weather. Having one – especially in winter – can even be a marketing advantage, and a sufficient enough argument to coax your cold-fearing clients out of their homes and into your cosy place.

2. They’re ideal for beach restaurants and bars

Got a beach-side bar or restaurant? Then why not invest in a pergola for a long-term solution which provides your clients with shade where they can enjoy their mojitos and snacks in-between swims? In the winter, a pergola might even be the difference between a profitable beachfront eat and a non-profitable one.

3. They extend your home and provide an ideal place to entertain

For individuals, having a pergola brings the impression of extra space to your home. As they protect you from the elements, having one effectively extends your living space and provides the ideal spot to entertain guests. Also, having a pergola is known to increase the value of your house. No wonder, when they look so good.

4. They’re more resistant than awnings

Awnings are a great solution to cover up outdoor areas. But unless retractable, they can be susceptible to the whims of nature. Our aluminium pergolas provide more protection from the natural elements…and are much more resistant to them too.

Our pergolas at Constance Belle Mare Plage Hotel
To find out more about the different pergolas that we offer, why not get in touch with us? Simply reply to this email and we’ll be more than happy to come back to you and run through the different varieties we have.

Kind regards,

The Ideco Team

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