Manufacturer and Retailer of Blinds and Floorings

Who we are & what we do

The I in Ideco goes beyond ‘International’.

We’ve lifted it beyond its original meaning and turned it into five closely intertwined cornerstones that shape our business model and define our company culture.

Ideco is a company that demonstrates a forward-thinking mindset. The company’s strategies are geared towards long-term success and achieved through a holistic approach, which involves investing in all aspects of the business, including facilities and personnel development.

At Ideco, innovation permeates all segments of the company. While our research and development division, consisting of over 70 employees, is a clear example of our commitment to innovation, it is also embraced by all employees across the company, making it an integral part of our corporate culture. It is deeply ingrained in our company’s DNA.

Diversification allows us to discover growth strategies in both new and existing market segments.

In the coming years, we hope to expand our business even further by tapping into new market trends and customer demands and by exploring operational synergies.

By encouraging the engaging, ambitious and progress-oriented attitudes of our employees, we try to create a stimulatingresponsible environment that puts open communication and creativity central.

This mentality has allowed Ideco to become an industry-leading player.

As a large-scale industrial group with a global reach, Ideco is constantly looking for sensible synergies and other angles to achieve business optimisation.

More concretely, we focus on a unified way of working (together) to deliver the best possible products and services to our clients.

Various acquisitions in the past have helped us expand in size, diversify product offerings, increase market leadership and explore new markets.

Ideco by numbers

Years of satisfied customers
Products offered in Mauritius and the Indian Ocean
In Mauritius for flooring; carpet and rugs
Blinds and flooring products are sourced in Europe and South Africa
People helped each years with our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Why choose us

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Many years of Experience

Born in 1982 as a manufacturer of carpet, Ideco has gone a long way to become a major player in the flooring industry. Ideco is also well known now for its made to measure blinds, pergolas and awnings

Manufacturer of blinds

All our blinds are manufactured locally employing Mauritian people. We stock as huge range of fabrics and components. These come from reliable & well known suppliers

Huge stock of flooring

With a stock of more than 40,000 sqm of flooring products in more than 25 ranges and 100 colours, we offer the largest and most comprehensive range of flooring and rugs in Mauritius. Backed by a team of dedicated professionals, we focus on offering a fully integrated service to our customers.

Reliable suppliers

We source our products from reputable suppliers such as Quick-Step®, Belgotex, Milliken, Hunter Douglas, Lamett, Tarkett, Modulyss, Pratic all leaders in their respective fields. The wide range of products we stock allows us to offer a off the shelf service to our customers from residential to commercial environments.

Our Workplace


Check out some interesting facts about us

Jerome Henry

Managing Director

Herve Henry

Director Ideco Ltd

We believe in Integrity Honesty Fairness Teamwork Passion Quality

Among our clients